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Lift Inspections

We provide LOLER inspection for all your lifts and lifting equipment.


The periodic thorough examination is the backbone of the safety regime for lifting equipment in the United Kingdom.


This inspection provides users, maintainers and owners the key information they need to keep lifts and lifting equipment safe reliable and compliant with UK legislation.


The examination is normally completed by a single engineer surveyor but occasionally depending on the risk assessment may require the presence of another surveyor.


ELTI UK along with its parent company ELTI Italy complete over x examinations every month across Europe. ELTI also have a unique solution to make sure your maintenance providers always have access to the latest LOLER reports via QR codes attached where the maintenance engineer can scan them and access the reports.


The examination will cover the general state of the lift and also key items including the safety devices the ropes and chains, electrical safety, signage, landing doors, motors, and rescue procedures. It will also ask for any supplementary tests that may be required based on the state of the lift or lifting equipment.


The examination can be performed at dark sites, in conjunction with maintainers or in the presence of the lift duty holder. Reports will normally be provided by soft copy within 48 hours of the inspection and ELTI UK will maintain a copy of this report for at least 7 years.

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